Hi all,

after 1,5 years of development we are happy to announce Z-Push 2.0 final.

Some of the new features:
– supports ActiveSync version 14, allowing full HTML email synchronization on all capable devices.
– possibility to set/unset your out-of-office settings on your mobile (not all devices support this feature)
– “z-push-top” tool which shows top-like informations about currently connected devices and their activity
– a real real-time notification mechanism for the Zarafa Backend (requires ZCP 7.0.6 or higher)
– performs semantic data checks before sending data to a mobile
– identifies and fixes or ignores broken items
– bi-directional and inter process loop detection
– server side search in emails which are not on the phone
– meeting organizer sees the status of attendees (accepted/declined/tentatively) on the phone
– notes synchronization (only available for some clients e.g. Touchdown on Android)
– heartbeat and partial synchronization support
– support of recurring tasks (Mantis #125)
– global synchronization of the Public Folder (Mantis #198)
– improved logging (loglevels, logs on user level possible)
– introducing the “combined” backend

There is a lot of new code regarding the ActiveSync 14 support. Many synchronization mechanisms have changed.
We also switched our Bugtracker. From this version on all tickets will be found at http://jira.zarafa.com/browse/ZP.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed with testing and reporting of issues and ideas
especially Jan aka deHoeninger, Vincent aka liverpoolfcfan, Erwin aka ebogaard,
Uwe aka uwe347, Niels aka nprzybilla, Paul aka pfloor and Bert.
We would also like to thank dw2412 – Andreas Brodowski – for his work on the AS12 branch. A few code blocks of his branch made it into the release.
Apologies and a big thank you if we have forgotten someone.

An updated version of the Mobile Device Management Plugin for the Zarafa Webaccess,
which supports Z-Push 2, was also released.
It has a new feature which allows resynchronisation of the mobile devices.
Please check the Community Hub for more information:

There is no upgrade path for Z-Push 1.x versions, but as this version implements
a fully automatic resynchronizing of devices in the case states are missing or faulty,
you should upgrade _without_ maintaining the existing states.

The state directory is by default /var/lib/z-push, the log directory /var/log/z-push.
Please create these directories and make them writeable for apache or
change the configuration parameters to your needs.

Be aware that if you are using LOGLEVEL_DEBUG and LOGLEVEL_WBXML Z-Push will be quite talkative, so it is advisable to use log-rotate on the log file.

The complete changelog is available at: http://zarafa-deutschland.de/z-push-download/final/2.0/z-push-2.0-1346.txt.

The version is available at: http://z-push.sourceforge.net/download.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Z-Push dev team