Z-Push develop branch contains all the code we consider good enough to be released as nightly build (similar to the SVN trunk). It should always work, but we don’t recommend to use it in production as it might cause the inconveniences for your users and you (unexpected full resyncs, new config parameters etc). Use it unless you want the latest changes and fixes and can live that it might not work occasionally.

In about two weeks (roughly at the end of August / begin of September) we are going to merge the first batch of Z-Push 2.4 code (here’s the list of the issues: https://jira.z-hub.io/projects/ZP/versions/10211#release-report-tab-body). It will already have ActiveSync protocol version 14.1 support. This means pictures of the contacts in global address list search (if a contact has a picture of course) and rights management support (however there aren’t backends yet which could benefit from it). Other than that we are working on extending our Webservice API and code refactoring for performance improvement.

If you are currently using develop branch or develop repository and these changes seem to intrusive, we recommend switching to the release/2.3 branch.

At about the same time we will also create release/2.4 branch and start merging code from develop into it. The goal is to release Z-Push 2.4.0 alpha packages quickly and get as much feedback as possible before final release.

The release/2.3 branch will continue as is now and will contain 2.3.X betas and final. The master branch will also continue the same and will contain 2.3.X finals.

Stay tuned for more updates, share your experiences and give feedback!

Greets, Manfred
Z-Push dev team