On 26/05/2011 we have released the final version of Z-Push 1.5.3.

This is maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5.

This release is recommended for all Zarafa users which extensively use meeting requests on their mobiles.
It is also recommended for the IMAP backend users as it fixes some issues regarding forwarding emails.

NOTE: we are changing the naming convention starting with this release. From now on it will have the following structure:
z-push-[version]-{buildnr}.tar.gz and z-push-[version]-{buildnr} for the start folder inside the archive.

For example: z-push-1.5.3RC-627.tar.gz with the start folder z-push-1.5.3RC-627 in it.

The final version won’t have any tag. For example: z-push-1.5.3-685.tar.gz with the start folder z-push-1.5.3-685 in it.

The full changelog is available here.

Download at: http://z-push.sourceforge.net/download

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Greets, Manfred
Z-Push dev team