today we have released the final version of Z-Push 1.5.4. It is identical to Z-Push 1.5.4RC-705 (only the version and build number were updated).

This is maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5.

This release is recommended for all Zarafa users which use windows mobiles, Nokia and Android phones.
It is also recommended for the  IMAP backend users as it fixes some issues with multipart emails.

Changes since 1.5.3

– fixed: Eurosign (€) gets scrambled when sending email from Windows Mobile (Mantis #456)
– fixed: patch to add forgotten licensing exception to LICENSE file (Mantis #462) (thx to Robert Scheck for reporting)
– fixed: Streamer and RFC822 class should not be executable by default while z-push-admin should be (Mantis #472) (thx to bencer from Zentyal for reporting)

– changed: GAL search returns not all values available in ADS (Mantis #469)
– fixed: body truncation not always correct (Mantis #467)
– fixed: HTML code in mails sent from Android 2.2 (Mantis #472)

IMAP backend
– fixed: body truncation not always correct (Mantis #467)
– fixed: no attachments on the mobile if Content-Disposition header is not set (Mantis #458)
– fixed: email is not quoted-printable encoded even if the header states it (Mantis #460)
– fixed: email can’t be synchronised with certain date format in header (Mantis #454)

The version is available at: http://z-push.sourceforge.net/download

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Z-Push dev team