Today we have released Z-Push version 1.5.5 final.

This is maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5.

This release is recommended for all Zarafa users, especially when using ZCP 7.0 or having a lot of Z-Push users.
It also fixes email addresses’ and birthdays’ problem for contacts created on an android.
It is also recommended for the IMAP backend users as it fixes some issues regarding special characters in folders.

Changes since 1.5.4

– fixed: typo prevents LOOSE_PROVISIONING (Mantis #476) (thx to ‘settel’ for reporting)
– fixed: Synchronizing an empty folder an additional ICS exporter is registered on each request (Mantis #480)
– fixed: Moxier Tasks 1.1.1 on iOS presents errors (Mantis #490)
– fixed: Contacts Birthday not properly saved from Android (Mantis #487)
– fixed: No conflict detected for deleted or read flag changed messages (Mantis #489)

– fixed: Lazy conflict detection shows warnings and does not check conflicts (Mantis #481)
– fixed: Appointment is not synchronized after meeting invitation was accepted in the Webaccess of ZCP 7 (Mantis #475)
– fixed: Saving empty categories fails (Mantis #468)
– fixed: GAL search shows ‘undefined offset of PR_ACCOUNT’ warnings (Mantis #488)
– fixed: Meeting request responses can not be processed correctly (Mantis #485)
– fixed: Contacts created on Android phones present doubled names (Mantis #486)
– fixed: Changing a meeting request to all day event shows warnings (Mantis #491)

IMAP backend
– fixed: Folders with special chars break synchronisation (Mantis #463)

The version is available at:

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Z-Push dev team