today we have released the final version of Z-Push version 1.5.7. It is identical to Z-Push 1.5.7RC (except the version of course).

This is a maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5.

It is recommended for Zarafa systems with a hundred or more Z-Push users and/or having a high load caused by apache.
Also the ping interval was increased to 30 seconds by default.

Changes since 1.5.6
– changed: Increase ping timeout by default (Mantis #536)
– fixed: New mail from android produces @localhost error in spooler and postfix logs. Do not parse an email address if it is set but empty. (Mantis #554)
– fixed: break while in PING case unknown tags are sent (Mantis #538)

– partly undone rev 775, as a conflict detection for read flags is not really necessary and may result in timeouts (Mantis #537)
– fixed: PHP Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated. It was deprecated in PHP 5.3 (Mantis #552)

The version is available at: http://z-push.sourceforge.net/download

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Z-Push dev team