Hi all,

we just released Z-Push 2.0 RC (build 1333).

This version fixes issues with Playbook’s and Androids’ (>=4.0.3) calendar. It also fixes the issue that a forwarded message has been truncated.
The server-side search has been improved as well. The range and the folder in which the search was initiated are taken into account.
Android 4 compatibility has been improved a lot with this release.
Also a lot of other smaller fixes and improvements have been made.

Additional notes
The default state directory is /var/lib/z-push, the default log directory /var/log/z-push.
Please create these directories and make them writable for Apache
or change the configuration parameters to fit your needs.

Be aware that if you are using LOGLEVEL_DEBUG and LOGLEVEL_WBXML Z-Push will be quite talkative,
so it is advisable to use log-rotate on the log file.

The version is available at: http://z-push.sourceforge.net/download

Your feedback is highly appreciated and requested.

Kind regards,
Z-Push dev team