Hi all,

we have just released Z-Push 2.3.5 final (tag 2.3.5, commit 594a89402efd0703483a695a657d4a4ddfd1585b).

This version contains two new features for the next Kopano Outlook extension (KOE) version – support of secondary contact folders and the availability of WebApp signatures in Outlook. Expect KOE 1.3 beta at the end of this week.

Z-Push 2.3.5 also contains a new script that allows you to synchronize the Global Address Book (GAB) into an simple contacts folder (e.g. in the public folder). This way your GAB can easily be synchronized to mobile devices (e.g. by sharing that public contacts folder globally). Have a look at the z-push-gab2contacts package. Additional information can be found at the Z-Push Wiki.

This version contains also some encoding fixes in the IMAP backend, especially for Japanese, contributed by YANO. Thanks!
We would like to thank all our community contributors and everyone who tests Z-Push and provides us feedback. Please keep doing that.

Important notes
An update to this version is highly recommended, as it fixes memory usage issues when sending emails with (big) attachments. The php process can run out of memory with e.g. a 20 MB attachment and a memory limit of 256 MB. This becomes an issue especially if using KOE with the send-as functionality.

With the new KOE features there are two new configuration options that should be added to the main configuration file.

Some other notable changes
– Autodiscover configuration: The SERVERURL parameter was replaced by ZPUSH_HOST which expects only a domain name. If ZPUSH_HOST is not set the AutoDiscover host will be used. The new parameter needs to be adjusted, see ZP-1130 for details.
– z-push-admin lists shared folders of a profile
– Fixed several dependencies issues when installing on RHEL 6 and RHEL 7 with PHP5.6 support
– Task requests are displayed and processed correctly in supporting clients (e.g. Outlook 2013 & 2016)
– Android BlackBerries are now able to display S/Mime signed emails correctly

The full changelog is available at http://download.z-push.org/final/2.3/z-push-2.3.5.txt.

Code changes since Z-Push 2.3.4: https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/ZP/repos/z-push/compare/diff?targetBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.3.4&sourceBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.3.5

Install Z-Push 2.3.5 from the final repositories (recommended): https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Installation

The tarball is available here (not recommended): http://download.z-push.org/final/2.3/z-push-2.3.5.tar.gz

Please share your experiences and give feedback!

Z-Push dev team