Hi all,

if you are already using some Z-Push 2.4.X version you can skip this announcement. If you are running Z-Push 2.3.X, please plan an upgrade to the most recent Z-Push 2.4.

We will deprecate Z-Push 2.3 on the 30th of June 2018. Its last stable version 2.3.9 was released in February and already contained only important fixes backported from Z-Push 2.4. The active development on 2.3 ceased about 6 months ago. If there are any issues with 2.3 versions, we will fix them as part of some 2.4 release. There will be no further 2.3.X releases. We will of course provide upgrade support after the deprecation day.

For now we don’t have any plans to remove the downloads of the old versions. The old-final repository will continue as well, until there will be Z-Push 2.5 release. At this point we will move Z-Push 2.4 to old-final.

The upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 is pretty painless and there are a lot of new features and improvements. Try it out if you haven’t yet!