we have just released Z-Push 2.5.1 final (tag 2.5.1 commit 703abd9cc9cf445e1e75edcdb7fc81fd8c9afc1a).

This maintenance release includes one new feature along with several improvements and bug fixes.

It is now possible to define custom sync window for shared or configured stores and specific folders in such stores. See https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Hidden+configuration+parameters for more information on how to do this.

Group Everyone is not added as member of group Everyone anymore in gabsync which caused loops when sending emails to it.

Fixed the include path for gab2contacts.

Roel moved the manpages to correct sections.

Improved memcached key distribution for webservice calls.

Simon fixed SASL path for the IMAP backend.

James improved handling of mailboxes with \Noselect folders.

Marc provided a clarification of STARTTLS usage for the IMAP backend.

Jorge changed “MIME-Version” header to correct case in the IMAP backend.

Several other fixes and improvements for Z-Push core as well as the backends.

Install Z-Push 2.5.1 final from the final repositories (recommended) Z-Push Wiki.

Thanks a lot to Z-Push contributors James, Jorge, Marc, Ralf, Roel, Simon! Sorry if I forgot anybody, but nevertheless your contributions are highly appreciated. Also thanks to everybody providing us feedback.

Tickets in Z-Push 2.5.1 final

[ZP-1491] – imap backend cant find any SASL php files
[ZP-1497] – [gabsync] Everyone is member of Everyone
[ZP-1503] – Syntax error in Kopano mapiexception
[ZP-1506] – LOGLEVEL_WBXML does not work with ZLog::SpecialLogUser()
[ZP-1510] – Manpages are installed in wrong section
[ZP-1511] – IMAP should use correct case for MIME-Version
[ZP-1514] – gab2contacts: Can’t fetch value set for CONTACT_FOLDERID

New Feature
[ZP-1507] – Add option to define SYNC_FILTERTIME for specific folders and stores

[ZP-1499] – Handle syncing of mailboxes with \Noselect folders
[ZP-1500] – Add support of STARTTLS for SMTP method in BackendIMAP
[ZP-1504] – Add auth user to the IPC type for webservice calls
[ZP-1508] – ReplyBackImExporter::ImportMessageReadFlag not compatible with IImportChanges::ImportMessageReadFlag

Code changes since Z-Push 2.5.0: https://stash.z-hub.io/projects/ZP/repos/z-push/compare/diff?targetBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.5.0&sourceBranch=refs%2Ftags%2F2.5.1

Please share your experiences (positive and negative) and give feedback!